• The world’s first hydrotherapy institute

    Priessnitz Spa Resort
    Priessnitz Spa Resort
  • Unique Balneopark of Vincenz Priessnitz
    Unique Balneopark of Vincenz Priessnitz
  • Connection of traditional Priessnitz hydrotherapy and modern wellness

    Sauna World
    Sauna World
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Priessnitz Balneocentre

Place for traditional procedures was built in spirit of traditional cure of the founder of modern hydrotherapy Vincenz Priessnitz. There are wooden baths designed for traditional procedures (such as Priessnitz single-phase or double-phase half-bath) as well as new “Sauna World”.

Priessnitz´s methods

In addition to cold compresses, wet wraps and washing affected areas with a sponge, Vincenz Priessnitz applied other methods in his treatment. Previously unused, these in particular included a sweating cure, after which the perspiring patient was immersed briefly in a bath of cold water. Complementary medical treatments included ...

Priessnitz locomotive therapy

Walking with sticks (Nordic walking) in nature, connected with breathing and stretching exercise and outdoor Priessnitz's bath is pleasant type of physical activity that may be applied ...

Hotel Priessnitz****

The main spa hotel, it dominates the surrounding countryside. It offers double and single rooms as well as suites, the total capacity being 251 beds. A shower and/or bath, WC, mini-bar, TV+SAT and telephone are available in most of the rooms, some of which also feature a balcony. Reception is open 24/7, plus there is ...

Original Spa Resort

The existence and the subsequent prominence of Priessnitz Medical Spa plc is something for which the spa is deeply indebted to Vincenz Priessnitz. (1799 – 1851).

In 1822, his house was completely refurbished, which had originally been a wooden building. Transformed into a stone structure, it boasted more space and rooms especially designed for healing, making it the world’s first hydrotherapy institute. Vincenz Priessnitz, the Württemberg government decided to establish in their country a sanatorium adhering to the Priessnitz model, requesting testimonials from the royal court in Vienna. Based on these, a license to operate the spa on a permanent basis was finally issued in 1837.



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