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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of the Provision of Services by Priessnitzovy lecebne lazne a.s. (Priessnitz Medical Spa plc), Jesenik

Clause I - Subject

Priessnitzovy lecebne lazne, a.s., Priessnitzova 299, 790 03 Jesenik, ID: 451 93 452, registered with the Commercial Register managed by the Regional Court of Ostrava, Section B, File 323 (herein the "Spa") publishes these General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services to Clients, i.e. accommodation, board, treatment, procedures and other complementary services (herein "Services"), to regulate contractual relationships and define rights and obligations of the Spa and a Client.

Any contractual relationships shall be concluded in accordance with the legal order of the Czech Republic, with any contractual relationships concluded with clients - natural persons that are not regulated under these General Terms and Conditions - to be governed by the Civil Code (Act No. 40/1964 Coll., as amended) and any relationships with other types of clients to be governed by the Commercial Code (Act No. 513/1991 Coll., as amended).
The services will be provided by the Spa to Clients in the spa centres of Priessnitz, Bezruc, Jan Ripper, Wolker, Vila na Kolonade, Lekarska vila, Mir, Jubilejni vila, Marycka, Bily Kriz and Karolina or in other buildings used by the Spa, as the case may be.

Clause II - Placing orders for services, concluding contracts

Staying at the Spa shall be ordered by a Client by placing a written order, which is mailed by post, facsimile or emailed to rezervace@priessnitz.cz. . The Client shall be bound by their order once the same is properly issued and submitted.

Any order issued must contain the following essential details:

  • Client's first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Permanent address
  • Telephone No.
  • Title of stay
  • Number of persons
  • Dates of the stay
  • Length of the stay
  • Standard of accommodation.

Additionally, the order must contain:

  • The scope of accommodation, medical and boarding services
  • The date of the order so placed.

The Client placing the order shall be responsible for the contractual relationships of fellow participants of their stay listed on the order.

The Client's order shall form a draft contract and the contract itself shall be signed upon confirmation of the order by the Spa, through which a contractual relationship concerning the sale of services arises between the Client and the Spa.

By submitting the order to the Spa, the Client confirms that they are familiar with these General Terms and Conditions and agree with the same. These Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the signed contract. These General Terms and Conditions are displayed on the website of the Spa at www.priessnitz.cz.

Clause III - The rights and obligations of the provider

Clients’ basic rights:

  • The right to the provision of services within the scope and quality as per the order confirmed by the Spa; the Client shall be entitled to use the services based on a confirmation of their stay issued by the Spa.
  • The right to be informed about all facts that are known to the Spa and relevant to the services ordered.
  • The right to protection of personal information. By submitting an order, a Client expresses their approval of the processing of protected personal data of the Client, including their birth identification number, by the Spa, in compliance with § 5 (2) ff., Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended, where such consent shall apply only to the operations necessary for the fulfilment of the contract and for the time that is necessary for the purpose of processing the data.

Clients’ basic obligations:

  • To obtain all documents necessary for provision of the service
  • To ensure that persons under 15 years of age or those whose medical condition requires it are accompanied and supervised by an adult
  • To ensure consent from a legal representative for participation of a person under 18 years of age not accompanied by the former
  • To arrive in time and at the location for the use of the contracted services, where the Client shall present their ID card, the order confirmed by the Spa and proof of payment for the services on the day of arrival at the reception desk of the respective spa centre
  • To comply with an established schedule and the regulations of the accommodation and treatment facility
  • To cover the services ordered in full and on time before they have been provided
  • To act so as to avoid damage to health and property to the detriment of other clients, spa facilities and providers and to pay for any damage caused by the Client to the Spa and other service providers within service usage

Obligations of the Spa:

  • To ensure provision of the services specified in the order to the persons referred to in the order in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and generally binding legal regulations
  • To provide services to the Client in time, and to the scope and quality as per the confirmed order
  • To truly and properly inform the Client of any facts relating to the contracted services that are important for implementation of the contract and that are known to the Spa
  • When processing personal data of the Client, the Spa must ensure that the Client does not suffer any restriction of their rights, in particular those preserving human dignity, and to protect the Client against unauthorised intrusion into their private and personal life

Clause IV - Terms of payment

All prices of stays and services of the Spa are indicated in the offer availability sheets and the respective price lists and include the services contained therein.

The payment for the booked stay shall be made by the Client in the form of a 100% deposit for any services ordered by them and confirmed by the Spa. The deposit must be paid no later than 30 days before entering into the stay, unless the confirmation order provides otherwise. If a stay is ordered within 30 days or less before entering into the stay, the Client shall be informed on how to pay for the stay in the confirmation of the same and/or on submitting the order for the same.

Payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash payment
  • Postal money order
  • Payment card (MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, VISA Elektron, JCB, Dinners Club Int.)
  • Voucher (Sodexho Pass, Le Cheque Déjeuner, Accor Services, Menu Service)

Bank account details:
Bank name: Raiffeisenbank, a.s.
Account number: 1091101011/5500

If the deposit for the stay is not paid on the date specified in the confirmation of the same, the Spa may withdraw from a confirmed order.

If the stay cannot be paid for in advance due to reasons of time, the same can be paid for on-site upon agreement (using a credit card or in cash). Payment must be made at the reception desk of the respective spa centre or at the reception office before provision of the first of the services.

The Spa shall issue on the day the stay is finished a bill for the services provided to the Client, in which the Spa shall also clear the deposit already paid, where the difference shall be paid by the Client in cash either at the reception desk of the respective spa centre, or in the reception office, no later than on the day of finishing the stay or on the last day of using such services.

Clause V - Withdrawal

The Client may cancel their stay whenever, i.e. withdraw from a confirmed order of said stay. Any such withdrawal must be made in writing, with the notice of withdrawal to be demonstrably delivered to the Spa. The Client may cancel a confirmed binding order only by the day of agreed entry and only upon the payment of money in compensation (cancellation fee), which shall amount to:

  • Until 30 days prior to the date of commencement (of a stay) No cancellation fee
  • Until 29 to 10 days prior to commencement 20% of the total price of the stay
  • Until 9 to 3 days prior to commencement 40% of the total price of the stay
  • From 3 days until the time of commencement 100% of the total price of the stay

The Spa may abandon the requirement of a cancellation fee if the Client has not used the services due to serious reasons which have been duly certified. No cancellation fee is paid in cases agreed as follows:

  • death, illness of the Client, a natural disaster preventing the Client's entry on the agreed date.

If the order has been cancelled, the Spa shall carry out within 21 days billing and reimbursement of any paid deposit to the Client with cancellation fees subtracted, if any.

The Spa may withdraw from a confirmed order for reasons of serious misconduct by the Client (e.g. failure to pay on time and in full the booked stay and services) as set out in these Terms and Conditions, without entitlement to additional fulfilment.

Clause VI - Complaints

Any case of the range or quality of the services provided by the Spa being demonstrably lower than agreed in the confirmed order shall result in the right of the Client to complain.

In the event of a complaint for the services, the Client is required to claim their requirements for the shortcomings without unnecessary delay directly to the service provider so that these can be dealt with on the spot. If this is not possible, a written record on the complaint shall be made with the Client.

Clause VII - Closing provisions

In the event of an inconsistency between the provisions of a written contract and the General Terms and Conditions, the former shall prevail over the latter.

The Spa has a right to unilaterally modify and amend these General Terms and Conditions. If there is such a change, the new version of the General Terms and Conditions shall be published on the Spa website www.priessnitz.cz and automatically attached to every confirmation of a new order.

If the Client disagrees with the change in the General Terms and Conditions of service, they shall be entitled to cancel the contract immediately (no later than within 5 days after their entry into force), otherwise it is considered that they agree to that change in the General Terms and Conditions of service.

If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions becomes invalid for any reason, this fact shall not affect the validity of other provisions. This shall not apply where mandatory provisions of the Civil Code provide for anything else.

These General Terms and Conditions come into effect on 1 September 2009 and supersede all previous General Terms and Conditions.

Signed in Jesenik on 19 August 2009

Ing Roman Provaznik
Managing Director

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