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Hydrotherapy using cold water

Hydrotherapy using cold water

Hydrotherapy using cold water according to Vincenz Priessnitz tradition can be divided into:

  • external application of cold stimulus: whole body, partial and local baths, jets, showers, sprinkles and compresses of neck, nape, limbs and trunk,
  • internal application of cold stimulus: drinking cure, inhalation of cold aerosol of local climate with scientifically established exceptionally high number of light atmospheric ions, volatile oils, trace biogenic mineral elements and other healing components.

Cold water or changes of cold and heat influence the autonomous nervous system. This stimulates self-healing mechanisms of human body and improves significantly overall resistance of the organism to infections, physical and psychical stress. Change of stimulus stimulates particularly bloodstream, breathing and functions of internal organs. Regular repeating of the procedures brings long-term or even permanent improvement of health.

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