Aerosol inhalation (individual)

Inhalation is used if one has breathing difficulties or senses a cold coming on. The treatment relieves airways and accelerates the process of healing if catching a cold.


Oxygen therapy according to Ardenne

Based on the methodology of Prof Manfred von Ardenne, the treatment involves inhalation of 40% oxygen using a two-way nasal tube whilst vitamins and minerals are administered. It increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues, thereby improving mental and physical functions of the organism.


Massaging and diagnostic system

Massage chair for Shiatsu and other special techniques.



Walking with sticks (Nordic Walking) in the country, in combination with breathing and stretching exercises and the Priessnitz outdoor bath, is a comfortable type of movement that almost everyone can perform. It improves fitness and promotes cardiac activity as well as blood circulation.


Oxygen therapy (simple)

Long-term administration of oxygen eliminates the effects of chronic hypoxia of the organism, increases the physical load tolerance, improves physical fitness and mental performance and facilitates stress tolerance.


NEW Group exercise - SM system

Group exercise - spiral stabilisation of the spine according to Dr Smíšek – the SM system under the guidance of a physiotherapist. The SM system focuses on treating and preventing back pain. Systematic care includes the prevention, regeneration, reconditioning and treatment of the spine and musculoskeletal system.