Manicure & Pedicure


A manicure is suitable for those who care for their natural nails or wish to strengthen them and supply nourishment.


Manicure with a paraffin wrap and mask TIP

The beauty of nails is not complete without beautiful and well-manicured skin of the hands. In addition to conventional manicure treatment, the procedure includes a nourishing paraffin pack with a hand mask.


Paraffin wrap, incl. mask

When applied to the skin, paraffin causes improved blood circulation and opens the pores, the effects, in addition to perfect hydration, also including maximum nourishment as paraffin can be completely absorbed into the skin. The treatment is designed specifically for skin suffering from dryness and lack of nutrition.


Japanese manicure

The most effective method for the treatment of natural nails, this type of manicure improves nail strength and flexibility, whilst acting to prevent brittle nails. The products used are made from pure natural ingredients and contain no dyes or perfumes.


Pedicure with Swiss natural cosmetics TIP

Expert foot care is important health prevention. If done on a periodical basis and properly, foot care leads not only to preventing foot disorders, but often can eliminate defects that might lead to permanent difficulties and various foot deformities acquired when care is neglected.