Analysis of body composition

This is one of the most reliable devices to determine obesity (BMI, body fat percentage and distribution, the waist/hip ratio), the quantity and distribution of muscle tissue, body water percentage and minimum caloric needs of the body.


Consultancy with a nutritional therapy specialist

A nutritional therapy specialist provides basic advice during the consultation on a weight loss diet, whilst reviewing detrimental habits with the client and suggesting a remedy. You will also be informed on the basic points of a healthy diet.


Podiatry examination TIP

Examination of the foot arch and statics of the lower limbs by special instruments, with a suggestion for therapy including a proposal to tailor individual special orthopaedic inserts.


Examination by computer kinesiology – CBG type

On the basis of a special examination, this test reveals musculoskeletal dysfunction, proposing a method of treatment, including individual exercises.


Consultation with a physiotherapist

This involves consultancy of health problems with a physiotherapist.