This is a local heat treatment involving the application of paraffin poultices on selected parts of the body, especially painful joints and the spine. Paraffin causes relaxation effects on skeletal muscles, reduces chronic pain, increases local blood circulation and improves tissue nourishment and healing.


Peat poultice

Peat poultice has anti-inflammatory effects and the potential to regenerate damaged tissues, improving blood circulation and preventing pain or spasm, plus there is the sensation of pleasant warming and relaxed muscles achieved through application. The pack is suitable for muscle strain syndromes and various degenerative processes within the musculoskeletal system. Peat has also a moisturising, regenerating and stimulating action and helps to ... more


Whey pack

Whey contains a range of proteins and minerals with a positive effect on the quality of the skin. Due to its unique composition, whey is also suitable for problematic skin. This is a full-body wrap.


Small joint clay pack (up to four locations) TIP

Black clay is spread on painful places of the client's choice with the person subsequently wrapped into a thermal foil and the poultice allowed to work about 15 minutes.