Wellness curative treatments - NEW

Chocolate curative treatment NEW

(Bath with chocolate salt & chocolate massage and pack) Revel in the beneficial power of chocolate without a single gram being digested! The chocolate treatment relaxes stiff muscles, appealing to all the senses of your body. This bath gives impression of bliss, peace and calm, which in the resting phase after bathing is conducive to greater energy and wellbeing.


Cinnamon curative treatment NEW

(Bath with cinnamon oil and common sea-buckthorn & cinnamon massage and pack) Helping to shape the body, this treatment is sure to be appreciated especially by women with cellulite. Cinnamon warms up the skin, promotes blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby washing harmful substances from the body. Cinnamon massage is done on the back using cinnamon oil, with a subsequent wrap with cinnamon cream applied to the back, buttocks and lower ... more


Whey curative treatment NEW

(Gentle caressing & whey pack) Whey contains a number of proteins, vitamins and minerals, these having a beneficial effect on the quality of the skin. The whey pack is great for smoothing the skin and making it tauter. It has anti-inflammatory effects so is suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. The skin is cleansed, tended and protected in a very caring manner. Whey has also positive anti-cellulite effects.


Priessnitz curative treatment NEW

(Priessnitz two-phase half-bath & Scottish shower & alternating foot bath) Alternated contrasting procedures are traditional treatments that have been carried out since Vincenz Priessnitz' time, as long ago as 1820. These procedures promote blood circulation and act to improve the psyche. Following repeated use, they boost immunity. The basis of contrasting treatments, i.e. alternating hot and cold water, involves pre-heating with warm w ... more