Indonesian massage - NEW

Javanese massage

Exceptional in that it produces very strong pressure on the muscle until it becomes generally relieved and subsequently relaxed, Javanese massage is conducted from the tips of the toes as far as the roots of hair, bringing the body and the mind into a state of perfect harmony.


Bornean massage

A specific form of massage which intertwines deep tissue techniques with lymphatic drainage, this treatment relieves stress, triggers relaxation and is especially helpful in effectively overcoming cellulite and toning the figure.


Therapy with volcanic stones

Warming up points on the body and gently massaging them with hot stones, this procedure combines the pleasant warmth of lava stones and the action of essential oil fragrance to bring your senses into perfect alignment. The vibrations and heat of the stones affect the energy pathways in the body, positively influencing the mind and wonderfully relieving muscle stiffness.



Pressing or, conversely, caressing points on the soles or palms achieves stimulation of various organs, relaxing the muscles and reducing mental and physical stress. Through reflexology, as practiced by ancient peoples, perfect harmony of the body and the state of mind is achieved, with the added benefit of a therapeutic effect on the internal organs.


Foot care - pedicure, massage, avocado mask

Foot scrub, foot lotion, mineral sea salt, essential oil, base oil, avocado mask.