We recommend - “Sauna World”

There you can find three types of sauna: aromasauna, Finnish sauna and steam sauna together with cooling pool and showers, Priessnitz footwalk for baths of lower limbs, a whirlpool for six persons and resting area with little refreshement.

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Hydromassage bath

Hydromassage bath

An all-over hydro-massage courtesy of approximately 130 massaging jets. The combination of a suitable temperature and jets of water results in general relaxation, particularly of the muscles. The method is applied when treating post-traumatic conditions, muscle and joint diseases, poor circulation and fatigue.


Herbaden (herbal bath)

A foaming agent with salt from the Dead Sea is added to this bath containing 85% of a pure herbal extract.

Peat bath with facial mask

Peat bath with facial mask

In addition to having a detoxifying effect on the skin (i.e. cleansing), peat also supplies all the nutrients necessary for skin cells to regenerate.

Whirlpool with peat extract TIP

Whirlpool with peat extract TIP

The bath is suitable for musculoskeletal pain, reduces eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Bubble bath

Bubble bath

Bath complete with highly relaxing body massage by air bubbles.


Bubble bath with herbs

Unique traditional bath of herbs from sites close to Priessnitz Medical Spa (mint, elderberry, chamomile and more).


A bath with aromatic oil

Choose from three bath oils - Priessnitz Secret, Priessnitz Spring and Jeseník Caress.

Bath with rose extract

Bath with rose extract

Scented with rose petals, this bath with regenerative, relaxing and slightly antioxidant effects induces pleasant sensations of softness and comfort.


Bath with Dead Sea salt

This salt is unique for its content of minerals, with magnesium, potassium and calcium being the most widely represented, amongst others.


Bathing in beer extract

Beer baths were known even in the ancient world for their rejuvenating and regenerative effects. Due to its content of B vitamins, hops and cereal extract with foam, bathing in beer extract helps to soothe and regenerate the skin.


Bath with chocolate salt NEW

Chocolate bath salt with cocoa pods, it softens the skin and encourages the recovery of physical and mental strength.


Whirlpool bath with iodide - bromine salt

Iodine enters the body during the bath primarily through inhalation, partially absorbing through the skin and mucous membranes. As a result of supporting the metabolism, reducing the level of blood fats and cholesterol, promoting the expansion of large blood vessels and lowering blood pressure, its overall effects positively influence blood circulation.



This is a complex procedure combining hydrotherapy, wraps, pouring water and skin brushing. Clients are first briefly warmed by hot water in a shower, which is followed by a full-body wrap using a cold wet bed sheet and a period of utter calm. After warming up and sweating, there is a half bath in warm water (35°C) whilst brushing the nape, back and limbs, alternated with pouring cold water. This results in stimulated blood circulation and hei ... more



This procedure equals that of the two-phase half-bath, but instead bathing immediately follows the process of warming up the body.

Scottish shower

Scottish shower

An extremely pleasant and contrasting procedure for the whole body, it uses the effect of alternating hot and cold stimuli. Scottish showers significantly improve blood circulation and the psyche.


Gentle caressing (bath and a facial mask) TIP

Whey bath with added natural essential oils and petals, plus facial whey mask.


Lotus bath with bubbles NEW

Suitable for harmonising the body, the lotus bath has both relaxing and stimulating effects, also suitable for regenerating the skin.


Water lily bath with bubbles

In addition to its very positive action on the quality of the skin, the water lily bath has a strong relaxing effect that brings pleasant feelings of comfort and peace of mind.


Full-body bath with additives and herbs

Beneficial herbal bath containing wild thyme, lemon balm and others.


Ultrasonic cavitation

Reducing fat layers, cellulite treatment, skin firming and smoothing.


NEW Bath with cinnamon oil and common sea-buckthorn

Helps keep the skin soft and supple. Cinnamon essence also stimulates the metabolism in the epidermis.


Fitness centre

In addition to running, rowing and cycling exercise machines as well as Orbitreck units, items that you can make use of in our conditioning room include a multifunctional weight-training tower and dumbbells. There is also a bar providing refreshments. Fitness centre - pass 600 CZK for 10 entries


A pool with a jacuzzi

A swimming pool is available for use with a jacuzzi, reverse current facility and waterfall. Please note that cleaning of the pool occurs four times per year. Go to www.priessnitz.cz before making your reservation.


Sauna World TIP

This complex includes an aromatherapy facility, Finnish and steam saunas, a plunge pool, the Priessnitz Pathway and a jacuzzi that accommodates six persons.


Jacuzzi for four persons, incl. drinks & AQUAI dry massage bath

Enjoy an hour of relaxation in the jacuzzi with family or friends. This area also features a dry massage bed that operates by impacting a stream of warm water against a flexible membrane on which you lie. The combination of these two induces a feeling of utter relaxation and regeneration.

Wellness curative treatments - NEW

Chocolate curative treatment NEW

(Bath with chocolate salt & chocolate massage and pack) Revel in the beneficial power of chocolate without a single gram being digested! The chocolate treatment relaxes stiff muscles, appealing to all the senses of your body. This bath gives impression of bliss, peace and calm, which in the resting phase after bathing is conducive to greater energy and wellbeing.


Cinnamon curative treatment NEW

(Bath with cinnamon oil and common sea-buckthorn & cinnamon massage and pack) Helping to shape the body, this treatment is sure to be appreciated especially by women with cellulite. Cinnamon warms up the skin, promotes blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby washing harmful substances from the body. Cinnamon massage is done on the back using cinnamon oil, with a subsequent wrap with cinnamon cream applied to the back, buttocks and lower ... more


Whey curative treatment NEW

(Gentle caressing & whey pack) Whey contains a number of proteins, vitamins and minerals, these having a beneficial effect on the quality of the skin. The whey pack is great for smoothing the skin and making it tauter. It has anti-inflammatory effects so is suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. The skin is cleansed, tended and protected in a very caring manner. Whey has also positive anti-cellulite effects.


Priessnitz curative treatment NEW

(Priessnitz two-phase half-bath & Scottish shower & alternating foot bath) Alternated contrasting procedures are traditional treatments that have been carried out since Vincenz Priessnitz' time, as long ago as 1820. These procedures promote blood circulation and act to improve the psyche. Following repeated use, they boost immunity. The basis of contrasting treatments, i.e. alternating hot and cold water, involves pre-heating with warm w ... more

Massage, total

Massage, total

Lower extremities, upper extremities, back and neck are massaged.

Standard massage (partial)

Standard massage (partial)

Promoting the normalisation of skin tension, this treatment improves blood circulation in the massaged area, relaxes and tones the muscles, improves tissue nourishment and relieves pain, whilst influencing, reflexively and through changed perfusion, other remote organs. It features overall effects on the body which may be soothing or refreshing.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage

This combines the positive effects of a standard massage and those of essential and vegetable oils derived from different parts of plants - flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, bark and wood, so each such oil has its own unique qualities. This massage promotes health, relieves strain and stress, boosts the immunity of the organism and harmonises the body and mind, generally calming one down. This makes this procedure - through the concept applied a ... more

Chocolate massage (massage & wrap)

Chocolate massage (massage & wrap)

Chocolate favourably stimulates all your senses. The massage relieves the muscles, improving blood circulation and detoxifying the skin, whilst the effect of the latter is subsequently enhanced during a therapeutic pack, after which the skin becomes soft and supple. Chocolate and its captivating scent induces a pleasant and relaxing mood.


Energy head massage

A soothing and relaxing massage suitable for people suffering from migraines and headaches, stress and increased strain. Making use of lymphatic massage techniques, the stimulation provided specifically targets certain acupressure points.


Manual lymphatic drainage, whole-body

Lymphatic drainage is a special tactile manual technique of massaging that leads to restoration of lymph circulation and its increase. The set of special grasps used achieves accelerated venous return, which is augmented by compression of the capillary bed. Supported circulation and improved lymphatic drainage leads to reduced oedema, including regression of chronic lymphatic oedema.


Manual lymphatic drainage, (partial) TIP

The therapist targets only the part of the body of your choice, such as the face, the areas of pelvis and lower or upper limbs and that of lower neck.


Massage Ayus Lomi

This type of massage includes individual treatment of the whole body; it utilises principles of Ayurveda theory with Hawaiian LomiLomi-Nui massage. According to types of individual energies your personal massage oil composed of various essential essences and pure oils will be chosen. After treatment you will get a feeling of rebirth, deep relaxation, new strength and energy and smoothed bright skin.

Lava stone massage

Lava stone massage

The pleasant warmth of lava stones influences energy pathways in the body, has a beneficial effect on the mind and relaxes stiff muscles, plus it stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system.


Reflexology massage of the sole

Pressure treatment of a series of points and areas of differing size on the sole, toes, instep and around the ankles. Reflexology massage effectively removes the feeling of heavy and tired legs. Through releasing numerous blockades and dysfunctions in the leg, it reflexively treats pain in the spine and head. Positively affecting blood circulation and lymphatic system activity, it helps overall physical and mental relaxation of the organism. ... more


Cinnamon dreams (massage and pack) TIP

A cinnamon massage is a very effective procedure that eases muscle tension and spasms, relieves pain and promotes blood circulation as well as the flow of the lymphatic system, thereby helping the body eliminate waste products from the metabolism. The cinnamon cream wrap that follows, along with the use of a bandage featuring a special foil, enhances the distinct effect of cinnamon in relation to body shaping and cellulite removal. ... more


Honey massage

A proven healing detoxification method. Combining the wonderful effects of honey and subtle manipulating grasps by the masseur, this has positive effects on the skin, relaxes muscles and detoxifies the inner organs through reflex surface locations. This procedure induces a pleasant feeling of relaxation and helps to regain mental balance.

Column corrective and floating technique UNIQUE TO PRIESSNITZ SPA

Column corrective and floating technique UNIQUE TO PRIESSNITZ SPA

A technique based on findings in standard therapy and reflexology. Correcting poor posture, it relieves overburdened joints, increases mobility and range in the joints, reduces and balances the tension in various parts of the body and relieves pain.


Spa sensation aromatherapy / aromatherapy energising massage

Select from specific aromatic fragrances depending on one’s mood, taste or the occasion, which is combined with a high quality orchid extract to create a silky smooth blend that flatters your senses, and this treatment shall pamper your skin and act as a balm for the soul.


Lymph drainage by electronic devices

Making use of the principle of intermittent compression and creating a pressure wave that supports both the lymphatic and venous system, this treatment activates the passage of lymph and relieves lymphatic vessels, accelerates venous return, improves arterial blood flow, stimulates the metabolism and reduces oedema.

Indonesian massage - NEW

Javanese massage

Exceptional in that it produces very strong pressure on the muscle until it becomes generally relieved and subsequently relaxed, Javanese massage is conducted from the tips of the toes as far as the roots of hair, bringing the body and the mind into a state of perfect harmony.


Bornean massage

A specific form of massage which intertwines deep tissue techniques with lymphatic drainage, this treatment relieves stress, triggers relaxation and is especially helpful in effectively overcoming cellulite and toning the figure.


Therapy with volcanic stones

Warming up points on the body and gently massaging them with hot stones, this procedure combines the pleasant warmth of lava stones and the action of essential oil fragrance to bring your senses into perfect alignment. The vibrations and heat of the stones affect the energy pathways in the body, positively influencing the mind and wonderfully relieving muscle stiffness.



Pressing or, conversely, caressing points on the soles or palms achieves stimulation of various organs, relaxing the muscles and reducing mental and physical stress. Through reflexology, as practiced by ancient peoples, perfect harmony of the body and the state of mind is achieved, with the added benefit of a therapeutic effect on the internal organs.


Foot care - pedicure, massage, avocado mask

Foot scrub, foot lotion, mineral sea salt, essential oil, base oil, avocado mask.

Tradicional eastern medicine

Cupping therapy TIP

Suitable for diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, causes of pain in soft tissues and degenerative diseases of the joints and spine, this method improves blood circulation, aids detoxification, improves blood flow to the muscles and positively affects the mobility of joints.

Massage devised by Penzello TIP

Massage devised by Penzello TIP

An energy massage aimed at restoring the flow of energy in the pathways of the body (meridians). Activating the main acupuncture points leads to the harmonisation of energy in the body and improved overall fitness and stamina of the organism.


Shiatsu massage

An ancient Japanese healing method, the theoretical roots of Shiatsu lie in traditional Asian medicine. This special form of acupressure massage makes use of pressure exerted by the thumbs, fingers and palms, or knees, elbows and soles. The aim of Shiatsu is to restore the balance of energy in the body and support the process of self-healing.

Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage

Thai massage is based on the concept of invisible energy pathways in the body, on which important pressure points are located. Acupressure stimulation of these helps to release blockages and activate the desired energy flow. When performed on a periodical basis, massaging the soles enhances blood circulation, whilst also reducing oedema occurrence and stiffness in tissues.

SOLVITA - the Salt Cave


This is a local heat treatment involving the application of paraffin poultices on selected parts of the body, especially painful joints and the spine. Paraffin causes relaxation effects on skeletal muscles, reduces chronic pain, increases local blood circulation and improves tissue nourishment and healing.


Peat poultice

Peat poultice has anti-inflammatory effects and the potential to regenerate damaged tissues, improving blood circulation and preventing pain or spasm, plus there is the sensation of pleasant warming and relaxed muscles achieved through application. The pack is suitable for muscle strain syndromes and various degenerative processes within the musculoskeletal system. Peat has also a moisturising, regenerating and stimulating action and helps to ... more


Whey pack

Whey contains a range of proteins and minerals with a positive effect on the quality of the skin. Due to its unique composition, whey is also suitable for problematic skin. This is a full-body wrap.


Small joint clay pack (up to four locations) TIP

Black clay is spread on painful places of the client's choice with the person subsequently wrapped into a thermal foil and the poultice allowed to work about 15 minutes.

Cosmetic poultices

GERnétic - refreshing treatment for feet or hands

Serving to invigorate the feet or hands, remove fatigue, support blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, this procedure brings feelings of immediate relief and calm. It brings an immediate feeling of relief and rest.


GERnétic - a slimming pack

The slimming effects of this treatment provide support for weight loss when on a special diet or after pregnancy.


GERnétic - aromatic body pack TIP

A firming body wrap with detoxifying and anti-cellulite effects.


Marine Essence - full-body pack

A harmonisation procedure designed to release muscular and mental strain, remove waste products from the body and to provide overall balance and strengthening of all body functions.

Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics

Classic Dr. Hauschka treatment

age foot baths, massage of the lower and upper limbs, nape relief, cleansing mask, facial cleansing, lymphatic stimulation, skin peel, mask, lower neck massage, consultancy.


Cosmetic treatment of imbalanced and inflammatory skin

Skin cleansing by a cream cleanser, cleansing mask, special curative treatment of the face, facial mask or oil pack, consultancy.


Facial gymnastics

Includes training and exercises, consultancy and a brochure.


Luxury treatment TIP

Foot bath and massage, gentle and delicate massage of the back, relaxation of the nape, stretching of the upper limbs, skin cleansing by a cleansing cream and mask, lymphatic stimulation, intense curative treatment, serum and mask around the eyes, massage of the lower neck, rejuvenating serum applied to the neck and lower neck & consultancy.


Cosmetic treatment for sensitive and dry skin

Relaxation of the neck and scalp, skin cleansing by a cleansing cream and mask, lymphatic stimulation, intense curative or facial (curative) treatment, mask, massage of the lower neck, curative procedures for the face, facial cream, intense and nurturing lotion on the lower neck & consultancy.


Relieving treatment for all types of skin

Relieving the neck muscles and scalp, skin cleansing by a cream cleanser, lymphatic stimulation, facial curative treatment, facial mask, massage of the lower neck and nape relief, consultancy.

Cosmetic treatments - Alissa beaute

Skin treatment (partial)

Make-up removal, skin exfoliation, eyebrow removal, facial and lower neck massage, ampoule treatment, soothing mask according to skin type (cost: from 130 to 250 CZK)


Facial cleansing, incl. mask

Make-up removal, skin exfoliation, softening gel, cleansing.


Day make-up

Determining the type of the skin and recommending appropriate cosmetics from the spa’s range.


Eyelash perming

Overall make-up removal, colouring, perming and stabilisation.


Micro massaging around the eyes

Relaxing treatment for all types of skin - our recommendation for skin treatment.


Treatments for men

Skin exfoliation, intense anti-stress ampoule treatment, energising mask, intense vitality cream, deep facial cleansing, relaxing massage.

Manicure & Pedicure


A manicure is suitable for those who care for their natural nails or wish to strengthen them and supply nourishment.


Manicure with a paraffin wrap and mask TIP

The beauty of nails is not complete without beautiful and well-manicured skin of the hands. In addition to conventional manicure treatment, the procedure includes a nourishing paraffin pack with a hand mask.


Paraffin wrap, incl. mask

When applied to the skin, paraffin causes improved blood circulation and opens the pores, the effects, in addition to perfect hydration, also including maximum nourishment as paraffin can be completely absorbed into the skin. The treatment is designed specifically for skin suffering from dryness and lack of nutrition.


Japanese manicure

The most effective method for the treatment of natural nails, this type of manicure improves nail strength and flexibility, whilst acting to prevent brittle nails. The products used are made from pure natural ingredients and contain no dyes or perfumes.


Pedicure with Swiss natural cosmetics TIP

Expert foot care is important health prevention. If done on a periodical basis and properly, foot care leads not only to preventing foot disorders, but often can eliminate defects that might lead to permanent difficulties and various foot deformities acquired when care is neglected.


Wrinkle correction and facial treatment - Microgei mode TIP

Helps regenerate and strengthen the skin's surface as well as smooth out wrinkles, prevents ageing of the skin.


Facial treatment through the Isogei lifting effect

Intense strengthening of individual muscle fibres, improving skin nutrition.


Body forming and treatment - Transion mode TIP

Used for rapid weight loss, muscle strengthening and body shaping.


Analysis of body composition

This is one of the most reliable devices to determine obesity (BMI, body fat percentage and distribution, the waist/hip ratio), the quantity and distribution of muscle tissue, body water percentage and minimum caloric needs of the body.


Consultancy with a nutritional therapy specialist

A nutritional therapy specialist provides basic advice during the consultation on a weight loss diet, whilst reviewing detrimental habits with the client and suggesting a remedy. You will also be informed on the basic points of a healthy diet.


Podiatry examination TIP

Examination of the foot arch and statics of the lower limbs by special instruments, with a suggestion for therapy including a proposal to tailor individual special orthopaedic inserts.


Examination by computer kinesiology – CBG type

On the basis of a special examination, this test reveals musculoskeletal dysfunction, proposing a method of treatment, including individual exercises.


Consultation with a physiotherapist

This involves consultancy of health problems with a physiotherapist.


Aerosol inhalation (individual)

Inhalation is used if one has breathing difficulties or senses a cold coming on. The treatment relieves airways and accelerates the process of healing if catching a cold.


Oxygen therapy according to Ardenne

Based on the methodology of Prof Manfred von Ardenne, the treatment involves inhalation of 40% oxygen using a two-way nasal tube whilst vitamins and minerals are administered. It increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues, thereby improving mental and physical functions of the organism.


Massaging and diagnostic system

Massage chair for Shiatsu and other special techniques.



Walking with sticks (Nordic Walking) in the country, in combination with breathing and stretching exercises and the Priessnitz outdoor bath, is a comfortable type of movement that almost everyone can perform. It improves fitness and promotes cardiac activity as well as blood circulation.


Oxygen therapy (simple)

Long-term administration of oxygen eliminates the effects of chronic hypoxia of the organism, increases the physical load tolerance, improves physical fitness and mental performance and facilitates stress tolerance.


NEW Group exercise - SM system

Group exercise - spiral stabilisation of the spine according to Dr Smíšek – the SM system under the guidance of a physiotherapist. The SM system focuses on treating and preventing back pain. Systematic care includes the prevention, regeneration, reconditioning and treatment of the spine and musculoskeletal system.

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