Massage, total

Massage, total

Lower extremities, upper extremities, back and neck are massaged.

Standard massage (partial)

Standard massage (partial)

Promoting the normalisation of skin tension, this treatment improves blood circulation in the massaged area, relaxes and tones the muscles, improves tissue nourishment and relieves pain, whilst influencing, reflexively and through changed perfusion, other remote organs. It features overall effects on the body which may be soothing or refreshing.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage

This combines the positive effects of a standard massage and those of essential and vegetable oils derived from different parts of plants - flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, bark and wood, so each such oil has its own unique qualities. This massage promotes health, relieves strain and stress, boosts the immunity of the organism and harmonises the body and mind, generally calming one down. This makes this procedure - through the concept applied a ... more

Chocolate massage (massage & wrap)

Chocolate massage (massage & wrap)

Chocolate favourably stimulates all your senses. The massage relieves the muscles, improving blood circulation and detoxifying the skin, whilst the effect of the latter is subsequently enhanced during a therapeutic pack, after which the skin becomes soft and supple. Chocolate and its captivating scent induces a pleasant and relaxing mood.


Energy head massage

A soothing and relaxing massage suitable for people suffering from migraines and headaches, stress and increased strain. Making use of lymphatic massage techniques, the stimulation provided specifically targets certain acupressure points.


Manual lymphatic drainage, whole-body

Lymphatic drainage is a special tactile manual technique of massaging that leads to restoration of lymph circulation and its increase. The set of special grasps used achieves accelerated venous return, which is augmented by compression of the capillary bed. Supported circulation and improved lymphatic drainage leads to reduced oedema, including regression of chronic lymphatic oedema.


Manual lymphatic drainage, (partial) TIP

The therapist targets only the part of the body of your choice, such as the face, the areas of pelvis and lower or upper limbs and that of lower neck.


Massage Ayus Lomi

This type of massage includes individual treatment of the whole body; it utilises principles of Ayurveda theory with Hawaiian LomiLomi-Nui massage. According to types of individual energies your personal massage oil composed of various essential essences and pure oils will be chosen. After treatment you will get a feeling of rebirth, deep relaxation, new strength and energy and smoothed bright skin.

Lava stone massage

Lava stone massage

The pleasant warmth of lava stones influences energy pathways in the body, has a beneficial effect on the mind and relaxes stiff muscles, plus it stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system.


Reflexology massage of the sole

Pressure treatment of a series of points and areas of differing size on the sole, toes, instep and around the ankles. Reflexology massage effectively removes the feeling of heavy and tired legs. Through releasing numerous blockades and dysfunctions in the leg, it reflexively treats pain in the spine and head. Positively affecting blood circulation and lymphatic system activity, it helps overall physical and mental relaxation of the organism. ... more


Cinnamon dreams (massage and pack) TIP

A cinnamon massage is a very effective procedure that eases muscle tension and spasms, relieves pain and promotes blood circulation as well as the flow of the lymphatic system, thereby helping the body eliminate waste products from the metabolism. The cinnamon cream wrap that follows, along with the use of a bandage featuring a special foil, enhances the distinct effect of cinnamon in relation to body shaping and cellulite removal. ... more


Honey massage

A proven healing detoxification method. Combining the wonderful effects of honey and subtle manipulating grasps by the masseur, this has positive effects on the skin, relaxes muscles and detoxifies the inner organs through reflex surface locations. This procedure induces a pleasant feeling of relaxation and helps to regain mental balance.

Column corrective and floating technique UNIQUE TO PRIESSNITZ SPA

Column corrective and floating technique UNIQUE TO PRIESSNITZ SPA

A technique based on findings in standard therapy and reflexology. Correcting poor posture, it relieves overburdened joints, increases mobility and range in the joints, reduces and balances the tension in various parts of the body and relieves pain.


Spa sensation aromatherapy / aromatherapy energising massage

Select from specific aromatic fragrances depending on one’s mood, taste or the occasion, which is combined with a high quality orchid extract to create a silky smooth blend that flatters your senses, and this treatment shall pamper your skin and act as a balm for the soul.


Lymph drainage by electronic devices

Making use of the principle of intermittent compression and creating a pressure wave that supports both the lymphatic and venous system, this treatment activates the passage of lymph and relieves lymphatic vessels, accelerates venous return, improves arterial blood flow, stimulates the metabolism and reduces oedema.

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