Hydromassage bath

Hydromassage bath

An all-over hydro-massage courtesy of approximately 130 massaging jets. The combination of a suitable temperature and jets of water results in general relaxation, particularly of the muscles. The method is applied when treating post-traumatic conditions, muscle and joint diseases, poor circulation and fatigue.


Herbaden (herbal bath)

A foaming agent with salt from the Dead Sea is added to this bath containing 85% of a pure herbal extract.

Peat bath with facial mask

Peat bath with facial mask

In addition to having a detoxifying effect on the skin (i.e. cleansing), peat also supplies all the nutrients necessary for skin cells to regenerate.

Whirlpool with peat extract TIP

Whirlpool with peat extract TIP

The bath is suitable for musculoskeletal pain, reduces eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Bubble bath

Bubble bath

Bath complete with highly relaxing body massage by air bubbles.


Bubble bath with herbs

Unique traditional bath of herbs from sites close to Priessnitz Medical Spa (mint, elderberry, chamomile and more).


A bath with aromatic oil

Choose from three bath oils - Priessnitz Secret, Priessnitz Spring and Jeseník Caress.

Bath with rose extract

Bath with rose extract

Scented with rose petals, this bath with regenerative, relaxing and slightly antioxidant effects induces pleasant sensations of softness and comfort.


Bath with Dead Sea salt

This salt is unique for its content of minerals, with magnesium, potassium and calcium being the most widely represented, amongst others.


Bathing in beer extract

Beer baths were known even in the ancient world for their rejuvenating and regenerative effects. Due to its content of B vitamins, hops and cereal extract with foam, bathing in beer extract helps to soothe and regenerate the skin.


Bath with chocolate salt NEW

Chocolate bath salt with cocoa pods, it softens the skin and encourages the recovery of physical and mental strength.


Whirlpool bath with iodide - bromine salt

Iodine enters the body during the bath primarily through inhalation, partially absorbing through the skin and mucous membranes. As a result of supporting the metabolism, reducing the level of blood fats and cholesterol, promoting the expansion of large blood vessels and lowering blood pressure, its overall effects positively influence blood circulation.



This is a complex procedure combining hydrotherapy, wraps, pouring water and skin brushing. Clients are first briefly warmed by hot water in a shower, which is followed by a full-body wrap using a cold wet bed sheet and a period of utter calm. After warming up and sweating, there is a half bath in warm water (35°C) whilst brushing the nape, back and limbs, alternated with pouring cold water. This results in stimulated blood circulation and hei ... more



This procedure equals that of the two-phase half-bath, but instead bathing immediately follows the process of warming up the body.

Scottish shower

Scottish shower

An extremely pleasant and contrasting procedure for the whole body, it uses the effect of alternating hot and cold stimuli. Scottish showers significantly improve blood circulation and the psyche.


Gentle caressing (bath and a facial mask) TIP

Whey bath with added natural essential oils and petals, plus facial whey mask.


Lotus bath with bubbles NEW

Suitable for harmonising the body, the lotus bath has both relaxing and stimulating effects, also suitable for regenerating the skin.


Water lily bath with bubbles

In addition to its very positive action on the quality of the skin, the water lily bath has a strong relaxing effect that brings pleasant feelings of comfort and peace of mind.


Full-body bath with additives and herbs

Beneficial herbal bath containing wild thyme, lemon balm and others.


Ultrasonic cavitation

Reducing fat layers, cellulite treatment, skin firming and smoothing.


NEW Bath with cinnamon oil and common sea-buckthorn

Helps keep the skin soft and supple. Cinnamon essence also stimulates the metabolism in the epidermis.

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