Column corrective therapy

Rectifies faulty posture, relieves overburdened joints by improving directional axis, increases the range and motion skills of joints (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles), reduces and balances tension in various parts of the body and mitigates pain in incorrect segment projection.

Column corrective therapy

From a basic therapeutic perspective, it also facilitates external rotation within the shoulder joints, develops well the area of the nape and shoulders, and a four-finger grip results in easement, and thus reduces feelings of paraesthesia in the hand. It improves the overall condition of the respiratory system and chest mobility, plus it facilitates breathing (in all functional restrictions of the respiratory system).

It establishes an optimal Soleus muscle rhythm required for good function of the knee and ankle. It is good for Achilles tendon pain (trauma, surgeries) and for blood flow in the calves (circulatory system).

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