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Computer kinesiology

This is a computer application for diagnosing and treating functional disorders. A computer is used in the method to assess the results. Kinesiology is a science studying motional skills of human body.

Computer kinesiology

Diagnostic methods used in routine medical practice, like radiography, CT, ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging show damage to the part of human body being monitored, such as fractures, tumours and other changes in tissue structure. However, the body may be just poorly adjusted rather than damaged and one may experience difficulties. Such states are termed functional disorders and will not be displayed using X-rays. Computer kinesiology represents a great way of diagnosing and assessing these, as well as proposing effective procedures for remedying the issue.

Making use of knowledge from many medical disciplines such as myoskeletal medicine, orthopaedics, neurology, rehabilitation and physical medicine, computer kinesiology is the result of decades of research, clinical trials and collaboration of doctors and physiotherapists with mathematicians and engineers. It is designed for people with acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems such as back pain and joint pain, bad posture, post-traumatic and post-surgery conditions, respiratory problems (asthma), gynaecological issues, circulatory disorders, weakened immunity, fatigue and tension, stress, and, naturally, everyone who wishes to take care of their own health and fitness.

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