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Priessnitz's locomotor therapy

is sport walking using specially designed sticks. It brings a very pleasant kind of movement that can be performed by everyone, be they a fit sportsperson or a newcomer to such things, as well as young people and those of advanced age.

Priessnitz's locomotor therapy

This activity can serve as a means to achieving weight loss, increasing physical fitness and solving troubles with back pain and incorrect posture, not mentioning the opportunities of relaxing amidst natural landscapes and having fun in communal outings.

Priessnitz Spa has succeeded in combining traditional curative methods and a new system of kinetic activities. Guided hiking tours around the beautiful and rugged area that neighbours the spa resort and the mineral springs used as natural baths for upper and lower limbs, combined with breathing exercises, is part of the new climate therapy concept contributing to overall recovery and treatment.

Priessnitz's locomotor therapy can help achieve higher aerobic endurance and blood viscosity. It also improves heart function, regulates blood pressure and boosts blood circulation, whilst acting positively against blood circulation diseases and hardening of the arteries. It helps prevent the risk of heart attack and controls high blood pressure, and because breathing is more intense, the lungs are being cleaned, oxygenation of the body is improved and better breathing improves the work of muscles.

The method acts positively against asthma and during chronic bronchitis. Furthermore, calory consumption is higher than that in conventional walking (about 25-35% greater). Suitable for people with a weight problem because it does not stress hip and knee joints, locomotor therapy also helps with diabetes and eating disorders. A treatment with positive effects on muscle imbalance and back pain, it relieves the back and neck muscles (headache) and aids joint pain. It enhances mood as moving eliminates tension and makes walking fun in a group situation. Staying in a natural environment leads to greater rest, with psychological well-being following on afterwards, because the technique is not very hard to master.

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