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Priessnitz's outdoor baths

Priessnitz's outdoor baths

Priessnitz's outdoor baths of lower limbs

It is a historically proven and valuable procedure to improve blood circulation not only in lower limbs, but via reflexes also in the head, neck and upper body, so regular daily stork walking in a pool with natural flowing cold water at 8 °C to 15 °C leads to improved heart and blood vessel functions, increased resistance against infections and to prevent physical and mental stress. A moderate physical activity by walking in slightly hilly terrains is required for prior preliminary heating the body before bathing, while the bath is necessary to be followed by terry towel rubbing and walking in the terrain.

Priessnitz's outdoor baths of upper limbs

Immersion of the upper limbs in a shallow pool with natural flowing cold springlet at a temperature of 8-15 °C, when applied daily, leads to the disappearance of migraines and insomnia, calms the rapid heart rate in heart problems and disorders of thyroid function, reduces allergic symptoms and improves breathing. The bath improves local blood flow in upper limbs and increases the same via reflexes in the chest, neck and head.

Outdoor baths are part of the unique natural Vincenz Priessnitz Balneopark, which incorporates pauses for hydrotherapy and relaxation. Please learn more about Balneopark here.

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